Seneca Waterways Council – 21 Stories for Scouts

21 Stories for Scouts is a unique fundraiser and rappelling opportunity in downtown Rochester, New York, that supports the local Boy Scouts of America Council (Seneca Waterways Council). During the event, individuals rappel 309 feet down the First Federal Plaza Building. Stacey was project manager for the creation of this video and supporting collateral.

Creative Director: James Bogue

Direction/ Cinematography: JR Kraus and Denver Miller

Copywriter/ Voice Talent: Matt Smythe

Camera Operation: William Shackelton

Sound: Michael Barra

Production Design: Shannon Hookway

Art Direction: Lissa Mathis

Post-production: Rob MacGowan

The concept was fairly straightforward: rappelling provides the same adrenaline rush that an 11-year old boy gets standing on top of a 30-foot climbing wall at camp and the satisfaction once on the ground is equally the same. Scouting challenges youth to see beyond their boundaries to achieve success.


Trillium Health (formerly AIDS Care)

Stacey worked with Dixon Schwabl to produce two transformative testimonial videos to reinforce various fundraising initiatives.

Account Director: Melissa Lord

Creative Direction: Duane Bombard

Art Direction: Tracy Price

Cinematography/ Production: John Borden