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(585) Magazine Sep/Oct 2015 debut Dates & Nuts illustration by Lissa Mathis

What began as a public relations pitch for a 2014 spring fashion show to previous (585) editor-in-chief, Leah Stacy, became several year’s worth of articles covering myriad subjects and regional personalities and a role as editor-at-large under current editor-in-chief, Jane Milliman.

November/ December 2016 – Feasts

The vast supper: Bite off more than you can chew at Nosh

September/ October 2016 – Home 2

What 2 Where – I feel ya, Ophelia

July/ August 2016 – Adventurous Eats

Let me mezcal you, Sweetheart: On the rocks with Bitter Honey

Yo’ mama’s so… Mother and daughter YogaVibe is no joke

May/ June 2016 – The Style Issue

Hot collar test: The electric aesthetic of Lucky Nahum’s Vluxe

Fashion plates: Set the scene to complement your cuisine

March/ April 2016 – Home 1

What 2 Where – DIY-er Maker: Fashion and creative arts thrive in Rochester

Through the merchant’s glass: Creating a ‘mint’ window display

January/ February 2016 – Local Media

The evolution of media: It’s all relative for the Alharts

September/ October 2015 – Art Scene

Poetry & Pie: Come for the reading, stay for dessert

July/ August 2015 – Large Plates

The Playhouse and Swillburger: Combination arcade and burger joint invites locals to stay and play

May/ June 2015 – Red, White and Blue Collar

Personal branding – Nick Giordano’s apprentices learn body piercing

September/ October 2014 – The Visionaries

Profile on Tanvi Asher of Peppermint and Josean Vargas-Rodriguez of J. Vargas Designs

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Dates & Nuts: (585) Magazine’s first dating column covering all walks of life and their trials and tribulations while dating in the digital age. The column debuted in the September/ October 2015 issue.

November/ December 2016

Safety first: When dating takes a dangerous turn

September/ October 2016

To boo or not to boo: The not-so-friendly ghost

July/ August 2016

Hungry for love: Adventures in dining and dating

May/ June 2016

Pride, prejudice, and pursuit: How LGBT singles are dating in the digital age

March/ April 2016

Sexts, snaps, and videotapes: You show me yours and I’ll show…everyone

January/ February 2016

Dating with a disability: An exercise in humor and humility

November/ December 2015

What’s he thinking? The ‘brofriend’ perspective on modern dating

September/ October 2015

Dates & nuts: The art of online artifice


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Guest blog post: What’s Stacey Cooking?