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2015 – Present: Snappy and More

Snappy the Turtle made his first irate appearance in 2015 – outside downtown Rochester’s nightclub apparel store, New York Stylee. He has since migrated to other notable establishments and taken up yoga to deal with his frustration. As a result, some new animal characters have emerged over the last few years.

Impostor Syndrome describes a condition where high-achievers feel unworthy of their accomplishments and fear being exposed as frauds. This painting debuted at the Rochester Advertising Federation’s second annual On the Side Expo in August 2016. The piece depicts the Rochester skyline – with a peculiar twist – through the windows of a hotel room. The party takes place after the annual American Advertising Awards ceremony – more commonly known as The ADDYs. Twenty-five members of the local advertising community are represented (one is disguised as a flying monkey) along with a grumpy orangutan security guard, and Snappy the Turtle hiding under the flip cup table.

Impostor Syndrome | 2016 | Prints available through RoCo

Through the generosity of Cohber printing services and the photography talents of Rich Brainerd Studios, a limited run of 100 signed and numbered color prints are available through Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo). 100% of the sales will be split (50/50) to benefit Rochester Contemporary Art Center and Rochester Advertising Federation. Prints measure 14” H X 30” W (painting is 16″ H x 40″ W).


Recent “paintings with scissors” inspired by Henri Matisse.

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Revisiting the places I have been through paint.

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